Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Training: 8/7/2012

AM Training:
A. Power Clean + Hang Clean + Front Squat: 5x1+1+3; rest 2:30 (195,205,220,235,255)
B1. OHS: 3x1; rest 2min (225,245,265)
B2. Chin-up: 3x1; rest 2min (80,90,100)
C. Thrusters: 3x15; rest 45sec (95)

Notes:  Had an okay night's sleep last night.  Woke up, had a small meal, and then got to the gym.  Did a general warm-up and then built to a 1RM box jump.  Hit 48.5.  I believe this is a 1.5" personal record (I last did it in April of last year).  I have been working intensely over the last week on cleaning up my lifting technique.  I think I am making some progress but I still have some work to do keeping my hips back and get more vertical in the pull instead of throwing it out in front.  

OHS felt better than last week.  I just needed to get the bar back a little bit given the fact that I have a bit of a forward incline of my chest.

PM Training:
5k Run @ 80%
Time: 25:28

Notes: I considered this run a completely aerobic effort.  I kept my heart rate at 160 BPM or under the entire time.  Didn't want to make this an anaerobic effort.  I will have to save that for tomorrow.

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