Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Training: 8/28/2012

A. Triple Jump: 4x1.1; rest 15sec/ 90sec
B. Broad Jump: 4x1.1; rest 15sec/90sec
C. Power Snatch: 10x1; rest 90sec (wave load)
D. Front Squat: 2 EMOM x 10min @ 65% 1RM (195)
E1. GH Raises: 3x6-8 @ 40x0; rest 60sec (purple band)
E2. GHD Situps: 3x20; rest 60sec

Notes: First workout back after coming home from Scottsdale, AZ.  Slept about 10 hours last night (was sleep deprived on trip due to time change).  It was so muggy in the gym that I had to be super careful not to slip on the gym floor, so I took caution during triple jumps and really just focused on technique and not the distance.  Broad jumps felt good and I was consistently jumping over 8'3".  Moved onto power snatches and I feel my pull is getting much better.  It is not quite as powerful on the early pull I was doing before, but I know once I get used to pulling like this, the numbers will follow quickly.  No real compensations during the lifts.  Just stick and stand.  Front squat felt alright.  Tough to go fast today.  GHD situps bother my L5-S1, so I was very careful here.  Hopefully it is not too sore tomorrow.

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