Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Training: 8/22/2012

A. Power Clean Clusters: 4x2.2.2; rest 15 sec b/t reps; rest 3min (205,225,235(5), 235(5))
B. Split Jerk Clusters: 3x1.; rest 15sec b/t reps; rest 3min (255, 275, 290(2))
C. Front Squat: 3x3; rest 4min (235, 240, 250)

Notes: Still in a slump since after the competition two weeks ago.  Highs and lows of training I guess.  Just have to know when to push it, and know when to back off.  Right now my desire to train is low.  My fire is low.  And I feel like I have no shot.  Luckily I have experience and know that this is just signs of overreaching and, with time, I will drag myself out of this whole and be better on the other side.  

Power clean form still needs work.  Not 100% confident with what I am doing and it seems I am still bumping the bar out during the "readjustment".  It cost me during the final reps on sets 3 and 4.  Split jerks felt good but I jumped too big on the last set.  Front squats felt like a piano on my chest and my legs just weren't there.

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