Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Training: 8/21/2012

3 rounds:
10 KB Clean and Jerks (24kg)
90sec High Knee Skip Rope
rest 90sec
-rest 5min
3 rounds:
10 SDHP (115,135x2)
90sec Airdyne @ 85%
rest 90sec
-rest 5min
30sec Battling Ropes
5/5 John Henry's
15 Ring Pushups

Notes: Today was the first day I was feeling back to normal after the competition last weekend.  Warmed up with the usual 3 sets of aerobic work but threw in the heavy rope to get the forearms warm.  Haven't done KB clean and jerks in a workout.  They felt pretty good.  Couldn't use the climbing ropes in the main gym so I decided to try out the new battling ropes we got.  Awesome to use.  Didn't have a slam ball that heavy so I did some sledge work on the tire.  

I kept track of my heart rate on each set.  HR stayed right around 168 for most sets except for when riding the Airdyne.   During those sets my HR went up to about 173.  Need to be able to heavy work and then control the heart rate to do sustainable work.

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