Saturday, August 18, 2012

Training: 8/18/2012

AM Training:
EMOM x 20min:
Even Minutes: 3 Hang Power Clean and Jerks
Odd Minutes: 4 Muscle Ups

Weights: 165, 175, 185, 195, 195, 200 200, 205, 215 
Muscle Ups: No misses (40)
Row 500; rest 90sec x 2sets

Times: 135.5, 137.8

Notes:  Felt pretty darn good on the 20min EMOM.  Got up at 6:30, had a little chicken and yucca, then headed to the gym to warm-up.  Energy was good and I had some good thoughts on my power clean technique after talking to both Coach Don McCauley and Max.  Focused on triple extension rather than driving my hips.  Wasn't 100% there but it definitely got the job done.  Also, I kept the elbows farther back as they came around for the catch and it allowed for a much better elbow positioning.  Heaviest set didn't feel terrible although I was definitely gassed by the final sets of HPC and muscle ups.

Headed over to the rower after breaking down the equipment from the EMOM.  I can say that I didn't really recover.  I did 200m row intervals to warm-up; 70%, 80%, and 90%.  Each time I hit an interval my heart rate was over 180 and it didn't get back below 140 after 2-3 minutes rest.  Knew I wasn't get a great time on the repeats but I did my best with what I had.  Limiter was the lack of strength in my legs and severe butt burn.  One positive was that even with the burn, I was able to keep cranking out for the last 200m.  I know this area will improve over the coming months.

PM Training:
A. Reverse Shot Toss: 4x1.1.1
B. Run 3k
Max Throw: 38'
3k Run: 11:52

Notes: I was slated to do this workout tomorrow but AJ was doing the 3k and the throw in the evening.  With the weather cooler than it's been in months, I had to jump at the opportunity.  Reverse toss is getting better every time I do it.  Focused on a better trajectory and it added a few feet to my throw.  Did a brief warm-up for the 3k, but I made sure to run a couple 400s increasing the intensity from set to set.  Back was tight going into the run, and I knew that would be the rate limiter.  One mile in and the pain really started to sink in.  Went positive splits throughout, but given the state that my body is in, I will thankfully take the time.  This is also an area that needs to improve, but I have to get this back thing figured out.  I think it might be my psoas being over-tight, but it is just hard to hit it that high up.

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