Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Training: 8/15/2012

A. Power Clean: 3x2.2.2; rest 15sec/3min (195, 215, 230)
B. Split Jerk: 3x1.; rest 15sec/3min (245,265,285 (4))
C. OHS: Build to 15RM (fail)

Notes:  I am still a little beat down from the weekend but I am feeling a lot better each day.  My hands are beaten up pretty bad from getting a finger wedged between a rack and a dumbell.  Terribly hot in the gym today made it really unpleasant but work had to be done, no excuses.  Training in this environment will prepare me for anything, anywhere.  Power cleans felt pretty good although I caught the heavier sets with elbows a little low putting my wrists in a bad receiving position.  They are aching now.  I am focusing on extending my body by driving my heels through the ground and making sure my knees and hips are fully extended, rather than throwing my hips at the bar.  Which is what I tend to get caught doing.  Split jerks felt pretty good.  Jerk blocks were a mess so I had to struggle with those.  Hit some decent sets and am getting more comfortable with the dip and drive through the heels.  Screwed up on the overhead squats getting a bit overzealous trying to go body weight here.  Shoulders were fatigued from split jerks and I should have noticed that.  Failed at rep 12 on my set of 15 and I knew I was done after that.  Probably can hit in the mid 160s but who knows.  

Did about 45 minutes of paddle boarding in the afternoon.  Good to get in the ocean and try and cool off.

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