Saturday, August 11, 2012

Training: 8/10/2012

10min Z1 Airdyne
5 sets:
90sec @ 85%
90sec @ 50%
5min Z1 Airdyne


Calories       Heart Rate
    39                  156
     -                    161
    41                  169
    41                  172
    42                  175

Notes: Felt pretty good today despite having trouble falling asleep the night before.  Pre-competition anxiety kicked in but I was still able to fall asleep after about 45 minutes.  I was fighting off a slight cold on Thursday.  Today I feel much better.  Warmed up with a solid 10min airdyne.  First 5min was at Z1 then I kicked it up a bit to get prepared for the intervals.  I was holding just over 400 watts first the first half of the intervals, then dropped to the high 300s.  Heart rate seemed to get higher each go on the Airdyne.  No huge pain systemically, just some pain in the legs toward the end of each interval. 

Afterward, I played around with some of the movements that I am going to do tomorrow (rope climbs, HS walks, bar muscle ups, L-sits).  All felt pretty good.  Ready to go.

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