Sunday, August 12, 2012

Raid Games 2


DAY 1:

Workout 1:
8min AMRAP:
5 Bar Muscle Ups
15 Wall Balls
10 Front Squats (155lbs.)

Results: 133 Reps

Notes: Didn't know when my heat was going.  I was warming up on the other side of the venue when I saw one of the guys in my heat standing under the workout rig.  Ran over quickly to get started, but thankfully they pushed the heat back 8min.  I ran over to the warm-up area and did some quick 185lb. front squats to get the legs warmed up.  My quads were fatigued from the airdyne intervals the day before.  Didn't have a score to shoot for on this event so I just went by feel.  Bar muscle ups were easy, and the wall balls weren't too bad either.  Front squats were the only big challenge.  After the first round I decided to break them up 5/5.  It started hurting after the second round and I kept it at 90% until 90sec left in the workout and then hit the gas.  I was hurting afterward.  I think I paced this one well.  One hour until the next workout.

Workout 2:
8min AMRAP:
3 Rope Climbs
20 yd HS Walk
20 Power Cleans (185lbs.)
30 Pistols

Results: 75 reps

Notes: My legs were hurting from the first workout.  Warmed-up a bit with some weights, HS walks, and pistols.  Worked through the rope climbs quickly, along with the HS walks unbroken.  I chipped away the power cleans with singles.  With 185lbs. on the bar, I need to rip through these quicker.  I haven't been training this yet this season, but I know it's something I have to improve.  Plugged away at pistols at a laborious pace.  Still need work there but didn't really get caught.  HSPU kipped and unbroken.  Hit the rope climbs again and then one length of HS walks.  First in heat, but beaten in later heats.  I know that the excuse is I don't have a number to go for, but that is a cop out.  I need to stop compromising in the AMRAPs.  I need to go after the third workout.  No compromising, just get it done.  7 rounds........

Workout 3:
9min AMRAP:
24 Unbroken Double Unders
16 HR Pushups
1 Wall Climb
12 CTB Pullups
Results: 5 Rounds + 24 Double Unders + 16 Pushups + 1 Wall Climb

Notes: Got a good night's sleep and was fired up for this workout.  Plan going in was to hold a high pace right from the beginning and hold on.  HR pushups slowed me down.  All double unders were unbroken.  All wall climbs no problem.  CTB pullups, first 3 sets UB and next two 9 and 3.  Hands were beaten up after this workout.

Workout 4:
3min AMRAP:
30sec L-Sit
Deadlift (225lbs.)
Results: 52 Deadlifts

Notes: L-sit no problem.  Wanted 50 deadlifts so I was pleased with the results. My butt and hamstrings were on fire after this workout.  No real back pain so that is a HUGE plus.  

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