Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Training: 7/4/2012

A1. Bench Press: 6,1,6,1,15 @ 20x1; rest 2min (230,285,240,302.5)
A2. DB Row: 6,1,6,1,15 @ 20x1; rest 2min (82.5, 110, 90, 125)
B1. DB Incline Press: 2x4-6 @ 30x0; rest 90sec (205, 210)
B2. Ring Rows: 2x8-10 @ 20x0; rest 90sec
C. Powell Raise: 2x4-6 @ 3030; rest 60sec b/t arms (25, 25)
20 Heavy Rope Double Unders
rest 1min

Notes: Headed out early today for some paddle boarding.  First time I have gone out and I enjoyed it.  Hit the workout a few hours later.  Good spirits and energy throughout the workout.  I didn't eat nearly as much as I did yesterday before the workout and I felt a hell of lot better. Bench and row felt good today, though my left biceps tendon still bugs me.  High rep sets were brutal, but good.  Finished off today with some heavy rope double unders that are just killer on the forearms and shoulders.  I am going to incorporate these into workouts going forward.

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