Friday, July 20, 2012

Training: 7/20/2012

AM Training:
A. 10min Triple Jump Practice (25'6"-Max Jump)
B. Power Clean: Build to 1RM (275lbs.)
C. Power Clean: 8min AMRAP @ 90% of B (21)
D. Powell Raise: Build to 8RM (25lbs.)

Notes: Had moderate energy today.  Didn't have a great night's sleep but I did my best to get fired up for today's workout.  Triple jump practice went very well.  I broke up all three parts to the movement and practice being explosive from each.  I feel with a few more touches on this I could be somewhere around 26'.

I built up to the power clean doing a few reps with 135, then went 185, 225, 245, 265.  I missed at 265 the first time, then dropped back down to regroove the technique at 225.  Once it felt good, I built back up to 265, hit it, went to 275, hit it, then failed twice at 285 and called it quits.  I am getting good pull,  but I just can't seem to get my elbows around.  I am not sure if its the bar path or its just that I am not getting low enough to get my elbows around but that is preventing me from increasing the weight.  

The 8min AMRAP went okay.  Caught a few cleans too high bothered my wrists.  This number has to increase if I want to be competitive in this sport.  I know it will with hard work over time.

Powell raises were good.  I think I could have done 27.5lbs., but don't have that weight in the gym.

PM Training:
40min Run (70-75%)
Notes:  Hit this run in the evening when it was cooler.  I mixed in some light jogging, sprint walks, and tempo intervals.  I was really working on finding the gears and I definitely think it helped.  Made sure to keep the heart rate under 170 to keep from getting into too much lactate.

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