Saturday, July 14, 2012

Training: 7/14/2012

A. Power Snatch: 10x1; rest 3min (wave load) (155,175,180,165,180, 190, 175, 195, 205f, 205f,205f)
B. Snatch Balance: 3x3 @ 80%; rest 3min (155, 165, 165)
C. Deadlift: 3x2 @ 85% 1RM; rest 3min (362.5)
D. GH Raises: 3x20; rest 2min

Notes: Didn't get a great night's sleep.  I have been having trouble getting to sleep lately.  I am thinking of doing a epsom salt bath tonight.  For some reason I am just not tired as I get to bed.  Got my workout in after teaching classes.  I was pretty pumped to snatch but I started losing steam after set 6.  First time I have snatched this season and my pull was a little off.  I still tied a PR so I wasn't completely displeased.  The weight feels light on the pull, just a little forward.  Deadlifts felt good.  GH raises crushed my hamstrings.

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