Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Training: 7/11/2012

A. Hang Power Clean: 4,2,4,2,2; rest 4min (215,235,225,245,255)
B1. Back Squat: 3x2; rest 3min (295)
B2. Bench Press: 3x2; rest 3min (255)
C. Prowler Push: 5x15 @ 100%; rest 3min (90lbs.)

Notes: Nice day of training.  Had trouble getting to sleep last night again (this has been consistant lately).  Had decent energy going into the workout knowing that I would get to try out some speed lifting for the first time since regionals.  The HPC was a nemesis for me at the regionals, so I really wanted to go after the reps.  Hit the regional weight for an easy 4.  This definitely excites me this early in a training cycle (and the new year).  Worked on keeping the hook grip to prevent having to re-grip after each rep.  Didn't let me get my elbows all the way around on a few yeps, but it is something I hope to get used to.  

Back squats felt heavy today, bench felt light.  Warmed up for about 10min for the prowler sprints (building the weight, interval, and intensity).  I am going to make a concerted effort to not ruin my lactate work because I didn't properly warm-up.  Right from the get-go , I tried hard to push all out for the prowler sprints.  There was no significant drop off or increase from set to set.  Steady.  It's good to be getting into a fresh cycle.

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