Sunday, July 1, 2012

Training: 6/29/2012

AM Training:
A. Deadlift: 6,1,6,1 @ 21x1; rest 4min (325,390,340,410)
B. Good Mornings: 3x6-8 @ 3111; rest 2:30 (100,100,115)
35 Plate Flips
65 Unbroken Double Unders

Notes: Felt pretty good this morning and had a good amount of energy.  Lower back was a bit sore from squatting the other day.  I was definitely more fatigued than the previous Friday.  Hit some good numbers in the deadlift.  Knowing what weights I need to hit was beneficial.  I am going to work on my deadlift technique this week.

PM Training:
A. Snatch Grip Deadlift: 8,8,16, @ 3111; rest 3min (205,235,185)
B. Rack Pulls: 3x6-8 @ 31x1; rest 3min (295,325,345)
C. Reverse Hyper: 2x8 @ 2013; rest 90sec

Notes: Had better energy in the afternoon session, although my back was cooked from the morning.  Went heavier than last week on the snatches, although the platform was shorter (45lb. plate rather than 10" riser).  Rack pulls felt good, as did the reverse hypers. 

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