Sunday, June 10, 2012

Training: 6/9/2012-"A goal is a dream with a path"

A. 2 Press/2 Wtd. Pullups AMRAP x 15min (162.5/50.25-13 Rounds)
B1. Ring Dips: 4xAMRAP(-1); rest 2min (9,9,9,9)
B2. Ring Rows: 4x12-18; rest 2min (
100m Fat Grip Farmer's Carry + 55 Unbroken Double Unders
rest 2min x 2sets

Notes: Scap/romboid cramped up in the first couple of sets.  Pullups were surprisingly easy.  Needed to take a few breaths and allow my shoulders to reset before I hit the presses.  Ring rows seem to be getting a bit better.  

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