Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Training: 6/6/2012-"I'm all out of gum"

A. Front Squat: 5x4-6 @ 32x0; rest 3min (165,185,205,215,225)
B. Cyclist Squat: 5x6-8 @ 21x0; rest 2min (155, 165,175,175,175)
C. Half Squat: 5x4-6 @ 22x0; rest 2min (205,255,255,275,295)
D. Back Squat: 1x20 @ 20x0; (attempted with 225, did not complete)

Notes:  Hit the workout in the afternoon today.  Did a mix modal warm-up, including a bit of mobility, then starting warming up some squatting.  Right sartorius muscle was bothering me during squatting.  Grunted through it but I have noticed I don't feel back squatting in my thighs really much at all (mostly hips, lowerback, and glutes).  Didn't go crazy on the cyclist squats because my back was fatiguing quickly.  Half squats were okay.  Bumped the rack down one peg half way through and I feel I was getting a better stimulus.  Tried the last set of back squats but my SI joint was starting to feel funky so I called it quits there.  I have been getting pretty fatigued after the first set of squatting.  Mind is just burnt after those heavy tempo squats to start with then having to follow up with some higher rep/high tempo after.  Just have to keep pushing and hope I am stronger when the dust settles.

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