Thursday, June 21, 2012

Training: 6/20/2012

AM Training:
A1. Bench Press: 6,1,6,1 @ 20x1; rest 2min (205,275,295,225)
A2. 1-Arm DB Row: 6,1,6,1 @ 20x1; rest 2min (75,110,90,115)
B1. Incline Bench Press: 2x4-6 @ 30x0; rest 90sec (205,225)
B2. Ring Rows: 2x10-15 @ 20x0; rest 90sec (12,12)

Notes: Felt pretty good this morning with good energy.  Hit a few sets of solid bench press.  Good on rows too, focusing on using the scapula and not rotating the body.  I don't have heavy enough DBs, so I switched my incline db press to bb.  225x6 @ 30x0 was a solid set for me.  I definitely think that this is one of my stronger points.  

PM Training:
A1. CGBP: 8,8,16 @ 30x0; rest 90sec (165,175,135)
A2. BB Curl: 8,8,16 @ 50x0; rest 90sec (55,65,45)
B1. HSPU: 2xAMRAP @ 20x0; rest 60sec (8,7)
B2. Zottman Curls: 2x10-12 @ 30x0; rest 60sec (20lbs.)
B3. Powell Raise: 2x4-6 @ 3030; rest 60sec (20lbs.)

Notes: Finished my first workout at 9am and hit this workout at 1:30pm.  Had a good amount of energy and my chest/tris felt relatively fresh.  Tempo was tough here, especially with the 16 CGBP and 16 BB curls.  My arms were screaming by the end.  Finished the workout off with plate hold and 60 unbroken double unders for 2 sets.

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