Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Training: 6/19/2012-"Starving"

AM Training:
A. Back Squat: 6,1,6,1 @ 21x1; rest 4min (225,275,245,295)
B. Cyclist Squat: 3x6-8 @ 21x0; rest 90sec (165,170,175)
100m Farmer's Carry
60 Unbroken Double Unders
x 2 sets

Notes:  Squat didn't feel great and my legs were still a bit sore from last week's workouts.  Kept solid tempo and good positioning.  Cyclist squats burnt.....bad.

PM Training:
A. Back Squat: 8,8,16 @ 30x0; rest 3min (205, 225, 165)
B1. BB Split Squat: 4x6-8 @ 30x1; rest 60sec b/t legs, then 2min (95,105,115,125)
B2. Zercher Carry: 4x15sec; rest 2min (195,215,225,245)

Notes:  Back squat felt different in the PM.  Instead of trying to aggressively drive my knees out, I just guided them forward as I dropped down into my squat.  This took a lot of stress off my groin/sartorius.  Also just felt good, and more natural.  16 back squats was terrible but I want that pain.  I am going after that pain.  I must get comfortable with that pain.  I remember tweaking this a ways back but I guess I fell into some old habits.  BB split squat was rough.  Need to keep core/butt engaged.  Good day.....

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