Saturday, June 16, 2012

Training: 6/15/2012-"Whatever it takes"

A. Clean Grip Pause Deadlift: 5,4,4 @ 4131; rest 4min (225, 255, 295)
B. Deadlift: 2x5 @ 31x1; rest 4min (325, 345)
C. DB Good Mornings: 3x10-15 @ 31x0; rest 2min (30,40,50)
D. GH Raises: 3x12 @ 40x0; rest 2min
2 sets:
25-35 Plate Flips (55lbs.)
55 Unbroken Double Unders

Notes: My quads were still destroyed from Wednesday's workout.  I foam rolled before hand (while screaming and crying), and then got going.  Tempo was straight on with the tempo trainer, and boy was it tough.  Moved over to the no pause deadlifts with tempo and those almost took the life out of me.  My lower back was the weakest link there.  Good mornings weren't too bad.  GH raises were miserable on my quads.  Took three sets to loosen them up.

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