Saturday, June 2, 2012

Training: 6/1/2012-"Too Strong"

A. Paused Deadlift: 8,6,6,4,4 @ 4131; rest 4min (205,225,245,265,285)
B. GH Raises: 5x8 @ 40x0; rest 2min
C1. Single Leg Bent Knee Deadlift: 3x8-10 @ 3010; rest 90sec (BW,15/h, 20/h)
C2. Zercher Carry: 3x25sec; rest 90sec (155,175, 185)
3 sets:
100m Farmer's Carry (32kg KB/hand)
50 UB Double Unders
rest 2min

Notes: Today went much better than Wednesday.  First time doing the paused deadlift, and I know I need to get stronger in the 2" off the floor position.  I was really focusing here and giving it my best. Used straps to over work the butt, hams, and lower back.  Needed a better go at the GH raises than on Wednesday.  I focused on keeping a solid mid-line without overextending on the way up or pushing my butt back.  Felt much better this time.  I think I got overzealous with the difficulty last time. Zercher's are feeling stronger.

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