Monday, May 21, 2012

Training: 5/18/2012

A1. Strict C2B Chin-Ups: 4 x amrap(-3) @21X2, rest 2 min (4,4,4,3)
A2. Seated Behind the Neck Press: 4 x 4-6 @3211, rest 2 min (115,125,135(5),135(5))B1. One Arm DB Rows: 4 x 8-10 @20X1, rest 90 sec (65,70,72.5,75)B2. DB Push Press: 4 x 10-15 @10X3, rest 90 sec (35-12,13,13,15)C. Trap 3 Raise: 4 x 4-6 @2012, rest 45 sec b/t arms (20,20,25,25)

Notes: First real workout back and I was pretty excited to get started.  A couple of new movements in here so I had to do some figuring out in order to use proper weights.  I can't hold my chest to the bar on the strict CTB pullups.  It just feels like I have no strength and the very top of the contraction.  Behind the neck press was okay, and I definitely felt the stabilization in my scapula.  DB push presses were pretty brutal.

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