Saturday, April 7, 2012

Training: 4/7/2012

AM Training:
A. Snatch: Build to Heavy Triple (190)
B. Deadlift: Build to Heavy Single (365, 405 (f))
C. OHS: Three reps start at 135lbs., increase by 10lbs. each sets, rest 60sec b/t sets (205)

PM Training:
2 sets @ 95%:
Airdyne 40sec (38,36)
rest 4min
---rest 10min
2 sets @ 95%:
30 CTB Pullups (1:08,1:11)
200m Sprint
rest 5min
---rest 10min
2 sets @ 95%:  (87,92)
30sec Wall Balls
30sec Ball Slams
rest 8min

Notes: Woke up and hit the gym early.  Warmed up with some airdyne sprints, a little mobility and then got to work with the limited time I had before class.  Sequence felt good today, but my left wrist was not feeling great so I really had to wrap it tight.  Hit a good triple snatch.  Had some more in the tank, but I wanted to get out feeling fresh.  Deadlift was HEAVY today.  Just didn't have it in my legs/lower back.  OHS went okay, but my shoulders fried out and I had to dump 215lbs.  

PM training went well.  Airdyne was painful but I was putting out very good wattage.  CTB pullups were unbroken and felt good.  A bit of pain in my left shoulder.  Wall balls hurt bad.

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