Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Training: 4/24/2012

A. Snatch: 4x1; rest 5min (each set preceded by 20 double unders) (185,195,205,215)
3 sets @ 100%:
10 Push Press (135)
20 Pullups
200m Row
Time: ~1:21 (faster each time)

Notes: Highs and lows of training.  Sunday I felt like I did not belong at regionals.  Today, I feel like I can't be stopped.  Got the okay from my doc that it is only soft tissue inflammation and nothing structurally wrong on Monday and my knee felt better today.  Still feels a little funky but when I warm up, it's fine.  Needed to get my swag back and there was no better opportunity than slamming some bars after snatching a 10 lb. PB.  Couple notes: 1. make sure to keep grip light on jump rope. 2. allow elbows to come forward on re-rack of push press.  Push press felt good, as did the pullups done on our slick bars just to build some confidence for this coming weekend.  This is my second to last workout, and I needed a good one.  Definitely feel better today.  Have to keep the momentum going into this weekend.

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