Friday, April 20, 2012

Training: 4/20/2012

AM Training:
25min Heavy DB Snatch Practice

PM Training:
A. Deadlift: 3x1.1.1; rest 5min (355,365,380)
12min AMRAP:
300m Row
10 Deadlift (315)
10 Burpee Box Jumps
Rounds: 3 + 290m Row

Notes: Rough day personally today.  At this point in the journey however, I need to stay focused on the task at hand.  Put the emotions aside,  and use the hurt as fuel.  Got to my local gym to try out the heavy DB snatches.  100lbs. is heavy, and the grip is going to be a limiting factor if the DB is slick or thick gripped.  If not, it shouldn't be much of an issue.  I split snatched the reps at the gym and I plan on doing the same next Saturday.  I am going to be efficient and take one rep at a time.  It's only 20reps/side.

Deadlifted barefoot for the first time today.  Wanted to get used to it because next Friday, I plan on doing Diane with my shoes off to reduce the friction on the wall during the HSPU as much as possible.  Felt good.  No real issue with it and I think my third set was a personal best for a set of 3.  My legs were absolutely cooked afterward.  I dug pretty deep.  

When I got to the deadlifts during the AMRAP, it felt HEAVY.  I really haven't done a heavy long workout before so I took this as a learning experience and an opportunity to play with reps and pacing.  Seems that doubles with the heavy weight is probably my best bet, using the momentum from the first rep to get into the second.  I think I will use this on the final workout next Sunday.  Had to keep effort at 85-90% so I didn't redline.  Row was at a 1:51 pace and burpee box jumps were smooth.  

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