Thursday, April 19, 2012

Training: 4/18/2012

AM Training:
50 Cal Row
25 Burpees (jump on 45lb. plate)
Time: 3:13

PM Training:
7min Z1 Run
90sec @ 80%/90sec @ 50% x 2
60sec @ 90%/60sec @ 50% x 4
30sec @ 95%/30sec @ 50% x6
7min Z1 Run

Notes: Didn't get a great night's sleep.  Came in with decent energy, but I knew I had to push it, it's close to go time.  Finished row in about 2:10 and then hit the burpees.  Felt fine afterward.  Pleased with this workout.  Hit the run about 4 hours later.  Warm in the middle of the day.  Good to feel the heat.  Have to get used to it.  Felt fast on runs and didn't really feel that aerobically taxed.  I am liking how I am feeling right now.  Just hope I haven't peaked too early!

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