Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Training: 4/17/2012

AM Training:
A. Power Clean: 3 x 1.1.1, rest 6 min (230,237,240)
B. Push jerk: 5 x 5, rest 60 sec (155,165,175,185,195)
notes-fast, focus on efficiency
C. Muscle-Ups: 4 sets, skill work. Efficiency focus. (all good here, unbroken sets of 6 reps, smooth.  Bar muscle-ups also)
D. Ring HSPU: 4 sets amrap(-2), rest 3 min (moved to afternoon)


Ring HSPU: 4 sets amrap(-2), rest 3 min
+Lac. power sets - up to critical drop-off or a max of 6 rounds:
10 C2B Pullups
10 Ring Dips
20 Box Jumps 20"
40 Double Unders
rest 6 min


Notes: Morning session went okay.  Power cleans were a bit off, wasn't getting the height I needed on some of the reps to complete them in a quarter squat.  I resorted to dropping a bit lower under the bar and trying to stop myself from being compressed into a full squat.  Push jerks felt okay.  Muscle ups were fine as well.  Threw in some bar muscle-ups just to get some touches.  I moved the ring HSPU to the afternoon session because I ran out of time.

Opened up with the ring HSPU that I missed from the morning.  They felt fine and I was able to string together 10 at a time easily.  Intervals were pretty easy.  Don't think the power output was high enough to cause me to produce excess lactate.  Focused on doing the movements as fast as possible. My left pec tightened up on me during my 4th set.  Seems that the CTB combined with the dips and muscle ups from the last few days strained my left pec a bit.  Nothing major, and I will have my doc work on it tomorrow.

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