Sunday, April 15, 2012

Training: 4/15/2012

Workout #1:
Back Squat (225lbs.)
KB Swings (32kg)
Time: 6:53

Notes:  Got up this morning and ate an apple and had some BCAAs.  Got to the gym at about 8:30am and warmed up with some airdyne sprints, a hamstring sequence and then some KB swings, progressing up from light weight to the RX weight.  Then I warmed up my back squat, building up in sets of 5 all the way to 275 for an easy set.  Goal was to do this workout in sub 5min. I think I can now gauge what I am actually going to do workouts in, +2min or -2 Rounds from my prediction.  Low back got fatigued and surprisingly my grip got crushed on the back squats.  Having the hands in that extended position for multiple reps is very uncomfortable.  Good effort this morning, tried to keep the hurt on and push the pace as much as possible.  Couldn't have gone much faster.  Cooled down with 10min airdyne right after the workout.  I learned my lesson from earlier in the week.  I am praying that the same soreness doesn't return!

That ends the testing for my second competition style weekend.  I thought the workouts earlier in the week effected my performance over the weekend.  Specifically all the squatting on Tuesday.  I have to keep this in mind as I head into the home stretch.  I accept the results though.  The training has to be hard.  You can't be "fresh" all the time.  You won't always achieve great results during training.  I must be comfortable giving up being "good" now, to achieve greatness later.  I trust the process.  I am ready to go.  Regionals cannot come quick enough.  I am going to rip the head off a fucking lion......

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