Friday, April 13, 2012

Training: 4/13/2012

In 5min, Build to Max Thruster (225lbs.)
rest 5min
200m Run
25 Push Press
200m Run
Time: 2:59

Notes: Woke up and legs were still really, really sore.  Decided to hit this workout at 3pm, right around when the workout is going to be during regionals.  Hit a 1k row with intervals, then built to a max box jump.   Never found it before, and I figured it would be good to get some exposure to something like this (plus it's a fun way to warm up).  I was watching olympic lifting all day, so I had some good thoughts coming into the max thruster.  I hit 225 in the regionals last year, so I was looking for something bigger than that.  Jumped to 245 and missed, but with the way my legs are right now, I think I have that fresh.  Couldn't think about it long because I was right into the second part.  I felt on fire during this workout.  The combination of pre-workout supplementation, eating, and a good warm-up, this felt like nothing. All reps were fast and unbroken.  Walking away from this unaffected is a big confidence booster.

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