Thursday, April 12, 2012

Training: 4/11/2012

AM Training:
3 sets @ 97%:
Row 200m
rest 3min
Results: 34.8, 34.5, 34.1
---12min Active Recovery
3 sets @ 100%:
15 CTB Pullups
80m Prowler Push (40lbs.)
15 Burpees
rest 3min
Times: 1:42, 1:47, 1:49
---12min Active Recovery
Knees to Elbow
Airdyne for Calories
Time: 3:00

----REST 2.5 HOURS

PM Training:
15min EMOM:
50 Double Unders Unbroken on 1/2 of attempts
rest 5min
10min EMOM:
12 KB Snatches (24kg-alternate arms each minute) Unbroken
rest 5min
5min EMOM:
25 Box Jumps (20")-Unbroken

Notes: As expected, I was ungodly sore today from the 45 back squats I did on Tuesday.  Quads were just smoked.  I warmed up for the first workout with a 1k row, doing small intervals at the end of each minute, then I got right into the sprints.  I focused on staying as relaxed as possible during the intervals, using a strong pull and trying not to be frantic.  I went negative splits from set to set, so it seems like the lactate fulling is getting to where it needs to be.  The second set was longer that I anticipated.  CTBs were all unbroken, and I used the slick bars to add a curve ball into the mix.  Have to remember on my chest to bars to pull forward toward the bar right from the bottom, and not wait until getting to the top of each rep.  The 80m prowler (which was roughly the prescribed 30sec) was brutal, and by the end of each push, my quads wer smoked. Not matter, I tried to zip right through the burpees, but the quad fatigue was the limiting factor.  The last couplet went well.  I tried to go as hard as I could on the airdyne, and then get right on the bar for the gymnastics movements.  I put it into overdrive on the knees to elbow on the second set, and really felt the "next gear."  Need to remember I have this if I need to distance myself from other competitors.  It is easy to fall into an "aerobic" pace.  On shorter intervals, I need to practice going faster on gymnastics movements.  Cooled down with 10min of Airdyne.

I thought the second workout was going to be a bit easier, but it was just painful.  I am not sure what you would call it, but one movement over and over again seems to be a bit of a goat for me, so this was both a physical and mental challenge.  Broke on half of the sets of double unders, more from technique then from fatigue.  On the snatches, both hands formed multiple blisters by the final set.  Need to remember this for future kettlebell snatch workouts.  I need to either adopt a new technique, or cover my hands.  Box jumps were with sectionals standards, so it slowed things down a bit.  Legs are still dead.

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