Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Training: 4/10/2012

A. Clean and Jerk: 3x1.1; rest 6min (235, 252.5, 260)
B. Clean and Jerk: 3 EMOM x 7min; add per set (155,165,175,185,195,205,215)
C. Back Squat: 3x2; rest 3min (320 (1), 315 (1), 315)
D. Back Squat Ladder: 3x1-5 w/ 225lbs. (6:15)

Notes: got up and hit this one right away.  Good night's sleep last night.  Woke up, had an apple, supplements, and BCAAs.  Warmed up with some depth jumps on boxes, a little hip/ankle mobility and then bar work.  Legs were a little fatigued going in, but I was in a good mood.  Clean and Jerks felt good, even though my last jerk was a bit sloppy.  No misses there.  My left wrist was bothering me a bit and the tendon that has been inflamed seems to be running up the forearm as well.  EMOM was unbroken until the last set where I dropped from the top.  Feeling more confident with these.  

Back squats didn't feel too bad, just tough.  Brain farted on the second set, letting my chest collapse on the second rep.  Came back and hit the final set of 2 though.  Back squat ladder was brutal.  Quads were SMOKED afterward.  I know I am going to be feeling that tomorrow.

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