Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Dark Woods

The last interval I visualized the idea of distancing myself from the pack...."come and get me."  AJ introduced this to me, and I need to keep this as my montraChampions don't do the chasing, they are always being chased.  Make others suffer by making them hang with you.  This cannot start on gameday.  This must be cultivated during training.

This ends the third week of sectionals and I am right where I want to be.  I can almost see the other side of the dark woods.  The forest was very thick on the way in, but now it has thinned and when I look around, I see familiar faces surrounding me, one of them is my teamate AJ.   He has been destroying himself over the last few months, caring not for the woods but for the ocean just past the woods, and even the desert that sits past that.  I have been growing my flippers too, biding my time and waiting for the swim.  There are others in the woods as well, carving their way through.  They swing their axes furiously as they too make their way through the forest, singing loud songs  and losing their shirts in the process.  Maybe they sing loudly and bare there muscles because they are afraid of the woods, but I can see their fear as if it were a scar on the center of their foreheads.  I don't care about these frauds or the woods, for they don't realize in the process of ripping down the forest as they walk through, they are getting smaller and weaker, wasting their time on something that really doesn't matter all that much.  They don't see the ocean that waits on the other side of the forest and it lurks with more obstacles than they could imagine.  This is where those who have been honing there skills and sharpening themselves like razors will float, and those that have been following the bald bearded wizard will sink like heavy stones.  

We only see the giants true size and power when it is standing up tall, but it doesn't grow from standing all day.  It grows from getting used to beating itself down.  Getting meaner and more powerful every time it gets pounded with a tough workout like a watchman's nightstick.  Then when the time is right, the giant will stand and smash those that stand in it's way.  Only when the time is right will we see the giant's true power...............      

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