Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Training: 3/6/2012

A. Snatch + OHS: 4x1+3; rest 5min (165,185,190,195)
B. Every 30sec 1 Clean x 12min (225lbs.)
C. 25 Pullups + 100m Run; rest 6min (:47,:47,:47)

Notes: A little tired today.  I hit the 25min run on Monday since I didn't have time to get it in on Sunday.  This may have effected my energy levels.  My shoulders and lower back were still a little sore from the workouts from the weekend also.  Have a nice bruise above my pelvis from the snatches on Saturday, so I had to keep a towel on my belt-line so I could workout.  

Technique felt good today. I started to feel if I keep my shoulders over the bar longer, I am able to create extension without jumping backward.  The only thing that was holding me back today was shoulder fatigue.  I caught the two heavier snatches in the right position, but I had a little trouble catching them in lock out.  Feeling the way I do and being able to hit 195lbs. is very motivating.  

The cleans were pretty brutal.  Standing up 24 times with 225lbs. was tough but no misses and I felt my technique was on point here.  This was a good workout for building confidence with heavier weight on the bar.  I am able to hit a rep, take a step back, hit another rep.

All pullups unbroken and strong.  Felt like I could do 35 in a set.  Run form has been better as well.  Thoughts: don't extend lower leg and continue the forward body lean throughout stride.


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