Saturday, March 31, 2012

Training: 3/31/2012

Workout #1:
AMRAP 90sec:
245lb. Fat Bar Deadlift
Reps: 25

rest 2 hours

Workout #2:
100 Pullups
100 HR Pushups
100 Situps
100 Squats
Time: 17:04

rest 3 hours

Workout #3:
400m Run
15 OHS (155lbs.)
30 Burpees
15 Thrusters (155lbs.)
100 Double Unders
15 Ground to Overhead (155lbs.)
Time: 13:11

Notes: Woke up at 8am and had 4 oz. smoked salmon and 1 cup sweet potato fries.  Worked for 2 hours then warmed up for the 3 workouts.  I figured that my first warm-up should get me ready for the rest of the day.  Hit some row sprints, ankle/hip mobility and then warmed up my deadlift.  Didn't really have a pacing strategy just wanted to go as fast as possible.  Hit sets of 5 throughout (only one I broke my timer stopped).   My butt was on fire after this one.  Hit the airdyne for 6 minutes afterward and then had a shake.

Second workout, I warmed up with 4 sets of 30sec light KB swings, airdyne, and box jumps.  Strategy going in was to break up reps in to chunks and not get too fatigued in any movement.  Hands were aching a bit after the pullups.  Pushups were tough.  Burned out pretty quickly on the hand release.  Thought of going with conventional pushups, but I know I will never see them in competition.  Situps were better than usual, and the squats were smooth.  Hit a 10minute airdyne afterward with some 10sec intervals to clear of the body of stale blood.  

During the 3 hour break, I had two scoops of BCAA and just relaxed.  A half hour before the third workout, I began with a basic dynamic warmup and then some ankle mobility.  Warmed up my snatch and overhead squat, then hit the final workout.  I was apprehensive going into this workout because I am accustomed to doing weightlifting workouts in my weightlifting shoes.  Because of the running, I chose to wear my running shoes.  Unfortunately is was thunder-storming so my feet were sliding everywhere within my sneaker.   Wanted to go unbroken on the overhead squats, but I lost balance on rep 11.  Churned away at the burpees and then hit the thrusters.  Thrusters were heavy but my left wrist was the limiter here.  Could only string together sets of 2 and 3.  Double unders were broken, and then went as fast as I could on the final 15 ground to overhead.  Finished the day off with another 10minute airdyne with some intervals for 10sec.  

Good effort today.  Felt darn good with the fueling.  I was a little hungry all day, which I think is a good thing.  Energy levels were good throughout, even without caffeine.  Didn't want to go with caffeine because the workouts were longer than 10minutes.  

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