Friday, March 30, 2012

Training: 3/30/2012

Power Snatch (95lbs.)
Time: 7:38

Notes: Hit this one at 1:30, after my noon teaching.  Warmed up with some row intervals and then some dynamic mobility.  Built up to 125lbs. and then hit 5 TnG reps and 10 burpees to get some "breathing" going.  Didn't have much of a pacing strategy going into this one.  Thought it would be a fast lactic tester but my shoulder burned out pretty quickly.  Hit 14 power snatches, then took a quick breather to prevent my forearms from burning out.  My neck actually spasmed on the first set, so I was battling that throughout the rest of workout.  Kicked up onto the wall, and I knew this would be a different workout than I had originally planned.  Hit sets of 3 and 4 on HSPU.  Don't know what to think of this workout, did the best I could.  It is what it is.

First workout of a competition-style weekend.  Three workouts tomorrow, and one on Sunday.  Need to hone cooldowns, sleep, and fueling.

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