Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Training: 3/27/2012

AM Training:
A. Build to 1RM Clean (265,277(f))
B. Build to 1RM Front Squat (265, 290 (f))
C. EMOM 5 Cleans for 10min w/ 160lbs.

PM Training:
Airdyne 1mile (2:19)
rest 15min
1k Row (3:21)

Notes:  Legs are still shot from Saturday.  Brain is still a little fried too.  Form felt good today but the legs just weren't there for heavier weights.   My left hip flared up too so the front squats had no pop.  Wasn't displeased, just wasn't there today.  The 10min EMOM went well though.  I was very nervous going into this because I have never done high rep cleans before, and I was sure that I would get roasted here.  I felt great during it though and did all reps unbroken.  This is definitely a confidence booster going forward.

Rested about 3 hours before the PM workout.  I did a 1k row at 70%, foam rolled, and then hit the Airdyne.  I have never done a 1mile airdyne so I wasn't sure how long it would take.  I think I averaged about 420 watts during the mile and I think I paced it well.  As for the row, I broke it into 200m splits and tried to drop the splits from set to set.  I started at 1:45 and then finished around 1:36 to avg. about 1:40 for the 1k.  I was pleased with the effort.  Another day closer to regionals, have to keep grinding......

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