Thursday, March 22, 2012

Training: 3/22/2012

A. Power Snatch + OHS: 5x1+2; rest 5min (165,175,185(f+make), 190, 195 (f+make))
B1. Press: 3,2,1,3; rest 2min (165,185,200(f), 172.5)
B2. Chinups: 3,2,1,3; rest 2min (60,70,85,70)

Notes: Lousy night's sleep last night.  Had anxiety from knowing the workout.  Left me with low energy this morning and unable to get fired up.  Hopefully I will be more at ease tonight.  

Despite the lack of focus, I was still able to put together a pretty good workout.  Failed a couple of times on snatches, but they were right there so I quickly hit them.  Failed on 200lbs. again on press.  This has been something I wanted to do from quite some time.  Definitely didn't have it for that today.  Chinups felt very good.

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