Saturday, March 17, 2012

Training: 3/17/2012

AM Training:
A1. HSPU-Hands on 45lb. plates: 3xAMRAP(-1); rest 2min (10,11,11)
A2. CTB Pullups: 3x25; rest 2min (UB,UB,UB)
B. 7min Pistol Practice
C. 5min AMRAP 10m HS Walk (6)

PM Training:
3 sets @ 95%:
30sec Airdyne
20 KB Swings (32kg)
Times: 1:11 (all rounds)-22 cals/round

Notes: Didn't have a ton of energy today.  Haven't slept well the past couple of nights and now that I am de-loading I feel a little less motivated than usual.  Tough to stay pumped for these workouts.  I used our slick bars for my first set and it threw my rhythm off and taxed my grip.  Pistols felt okay today, but now I have to be able to rep these out fluidly.  Handstand walks were okay but my left wrist started to bother me.

I did the second workout at about 5pm, and energy level going in was low but my body felt okay.  Held around 650 watts on airdyne and did all KB swings unbroken.  Need to get kettlebell farther back on swings.

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