Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Training: 3/13/2012

AM Training:
A. Clean and Jerk: 3x1.1.1; rest 7min (245,250(2),250)
B. Power Clean: 6x5; rest 45sec (135,155,175,185,195,205)
C. Back Squat: 3x3 @ 20x0; rest 3min (225lbs.-speed was focus)

PM Training:
Row @ 95%:
6x250m; rest 5min (practice skills between sets)
1. :42.4
2. :42.2
3. :42.8
4. :43.3
5. :43.8
6. DNF

Notes: Woke up early to meet a client and then hit this workout after have a light meal (4 oz salmon + pear).  Legs are still a bit tired from the last weekend but my technique was pretty on.  Missed the third CnJ on the second set, but came back to hit all three on the next set.  All power cleans were unbroken and felt smooth.  Wouldn't mind seeing these in the future.  

In the afternoon I hit the row workout.  I was going at about 95% but I couldn't maintain the intensity, so I called it a day after the 5th set (even though every part of me wanted to finish...don't want to not finish a workout).  Back and legs were just fatigued from the morning session.  Maybe more rest time would have helped.  

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