Monday, March 12, 2012

Training: 3/11/2012

Swim 25y
rest 60sec
(10min rest between sets 15-16)
Time: avg. 17sec

Notes: I was a little apprehensive about getting in the pool because my technique has been a bit off lately, so I spent a good 15minutes going through some drills and figuring some things out.  It turns out I was not rotating enough on the drive through the water.  And when I changed that, I was sinking too much.  So I turned more and kept that hand shallow and everything became effortless again.  The only adjustment that must be made is that when going fast, it is a higher tempo so there is less rotation.  All in all I felt very good leaving the pool.  

Side note: I recovered with my chest underwater on the second set of 15 and this was definitely more difficult.  The compression of the water on the chest made taking deep breaths feel as if there was a vice grip on my ribs.  I will definitely be doing this again.

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