Saturday, March 10, 2012

Training: 3/10/2012

Deadlift (315lbs.)
Muscle Ups
Time: 2:59

rest 30min

AMRAP 8min:
Wearing 45lbs.
(fraction as you like)
Reps: 92

rest 2 hours

3 sets @ 95%:
20 Thrusters (35lbs/h)
20 CTB pullups
30sec Airdyne
rest 6x work time
Times: 1:37,1:35, 1:33

Notes: Woke up at 7:30 and got a meal in me.  4 whole eggs with 4oz. smoked salmon and a pear.  I washed it down with some H20 mixed with 1 tsp beta alanine.  Went to work and at 11am, took 775 mg of new supplement.  

First work out was a short high intensity CP/Lactate workout.  I warmed up with 1000m row going 99% on at the bottom 10sec of each minute.  I then warmed up my lats, hamstrings and shoulders with various mobilities.  After, I did a couple of 100% intervals with KB swings and burpees to pre-load  a little lactate and to get adjusted to the elevated heart rate.  At this time the supplement kicked in and I definitely felt the difference.  It was almost a little overwhelming, having the blood pressure fluctuation.  My body still felt the effects from Thursday's workout but I hit the first workout going as hard as I could for all reps.  I accidentally did an extra rep on the second round and then failed a muscle up on my 4th round which cost me some time.  I need more touches on muscle ups in workouts.  Seems like my back fatigues very quickly on them.  Not displeased with the effort, best I could have done.  Afterward, I sipped some BCAA and kept loose for the second workout.

Second workout was more CP endurance.  I knew I could have really drilled the dips (much stronger on this movements, but I decided to mix in 5 dips with 2 pullups.  Didn't kip any reps (thought this would be detrimental to my joints and overall it's just a stupid idea to do kipping pullups/dips while wearing 45lbs.).  Kept this pace throughout and then strung together the most dips possible on my final minute.  Would have been nice to have a number to shoot for but I am comfortable with the effort.

I knew the last workout would be the toughest, and it didn't disappoint.  The supplement was still in effect even after 4 hours of taking it.  After chilling for two hours, I took a quick shower and then jumped on an airdyne and did 5min Z1 hitting a 100% at the bottom 8sec of each minute.  Hip, shoulder, and ankle mobility followed for about 15mintues.  I did a few thrusters with some lighter dumbbells and got a good sweat going.  Went unbroken on all reps throughout the workout and was able to keep the wattage on the airdyne between 500-600 watts.  

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