Thursday, March 15, 2012

Open Wod #4

12min AMRAP:
150 Wall Balls
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle Ups
Reps: 261

Notes: I took an epsom salt bath last night at around 9:30pm.  Got in bed at about 10pm and just laid back and relaxed.  I was thinking to myself, "My brain cannot stay on all night, eventually I will fall asleep."  I might of nodded off a couple of times but it could have just been some deep hallucinations.  I got out of bed at 4am and took some magnesium and then headed back to bed.  I think I fell asleep at 4:45 and then woke up at 7am.  I felt good, so I got up out of bed.  I think this was the right decision, didn't take any sleep aids, and was able to get a few hours of sleep without feeling hung over the next morning.

Ate a small salad with some chicken at around 7:30am and then headed to the gym to warm-up at 9am.  Took my pre-workout supplement at 9:30am and then hit a 5min Airdyne sprinting the final 8sec on the bottom of the minute.  After, I did some hip, ankle and shoulder mobility.  I broke out some 35lb. dumbells and did a couple sets of thrusters into double unders.  I was feeling week but I knew this was just adrenaline.  

I intended to go 5x30 wallballs, unbroken double unders, and then go doubles every 20sec on the muscle ups.  The only thing that changed was I broke the last set of wall balls into 20/10 so I prevented myself from red-lining going into the double unders.  Shoulders were feeling it after the wall balls, but I knew it wouldn't get any better so I pressed on.  I went unbroken on double unders and they felt very good.  

Went right into muscle ups even though my heartrate was jacked.  I knew I would get some rest after the first set, so I just pushed.  I missed one muscle up with about 2minutes left and then one at the very end with 6sec left on the clock.  In hind sight, I wish I took 6 more seconds before going for the last double.  That is very very frustrating but it's something I definitely have to learn from.  Looking back at the video, I feel I paced this workout very well, and the most I could have done was 22/23 reps.  I will take it.  One more week to go, tough training coming this weekend, time to eat, rest up, and refocus.  

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