Saturday, March 3, 2012

Open Wod 2 Take 2

Notes: Took the bull by the horns and redid 12.2.  I wasn't pleased with my technique on Thursday, and I felt fine afterward so I took Friday off and then decided hit the redo when I got a good nights sleep.  Looking back at the first time I did 12.2 I really wasn't efficient at dropping under the bar.  I was extending the pull too much and getting pulled forward instead of "HIPS AND UNDER."  Which I preached constantly to those I coach.  

75lbs was a breeze, then 135lbs. went well too.  I held back a bit even though the weight was going up rather easy and I was feeling confident.  With 165lbs. my lower back tightened just a bit which stopped me from really going after a mark in the high 70s.  I would rather be able to walk the next day and get 6 less reps.  Definitely a good confidence boost.  I equate it to golf: if you aren't shooting in the 60s and 70s at your home course, don't plan on going that low when you are playing on the PGA.  Same thing with these workouts.  You have to be able to put up descent scores (even if overreaching) and not 100% fresh (who is at this point really?).

I have the ability in me, I just have to trust the technique, relax, and go after it.

PM Training:
3 sets @ Max Effort:
150m Row
15 KBS (32kg)
15 Burpees
150m Row
rest 6min
Results: 2:17, 2:21, ~2:30 (fumbled on the rower)

Notes:  Boy did this hurt.  My hands were a bit beat up and ripped from the open workout, but I was able to patch them up and complete this workout.  Hit about 15min mobility and warmup with some jump roping and then got under way.  The KBS were tough and got my HR jacked.  Burpees went okay but definitely burned out my quads which made the last 150m row BRUTAL.  With the incomplete rests, it was definitely difficult to maintain intensity from set to set.  Just had to hold on and ride the waves of pain.  

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