Monday, February 6, 2012

Training: 2/6/2012

A.Clean: 5x1 @ 85% effort; rest 2min (235 x3, 245 x2)
B1. CGBP: 4,3,2 @ 20x0; rest 2min (225,245,275)
B2. No Ft. Rope Climbs: 3x1; rest 2min
C1. Landmine Twist: 4x10/10; rest 60sec (45lbs. + bar)
C2. Crosswalks: 4x30sec; rest 60sec (16kg + 32kg)

Notes: My brain is starting to recover and I almost back to full strength.  I am considering trying out some coffee pre-testers from here on out to see how my body reacts (ie. sleep, energy etc.).  I don't want to have to rely on it, but there are definitely benefits to it, especially with strength training.

I was focusing on getting the bar back into my body and waiting until the right moment to "hip and under" on the cleans.  They felt pretty smooth today and not much trouble when I caught in the correct position.  Tried to go big on the double CGBP and hit 275.  First time hitting the landmine twists.  Felt solid there and definitely good for the core.  Probably go a little heavier the next time I do it.

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