Monday, February 27, 2012

Training: 2/26/2012

AM Training:
3 sets @ 97%:
20sec Airdyne
15 KBS (32kg)
20sec Airdyne
Rest 7:30
Times: 1:15

rest 15min

3sets @ 97%:
15 CTB Pullups
75m Prowler Push (70lbs.)

Notes: Woke up and hit this workout earlier in the day.  My traps were really sore from the clean and jerks from the day before, and my front delts are still destroyed from the burpees on Thursday.  I don't think I could have done the burpee workout again if I had to.  

I was a bit discouraged seeing my name drop like a stone down the leader board but I realize now it really doesn't mean much.  A large number of those that are ahead of me will be filtered out by the programming ahead.  All I can focus on is the things that I can control, like today's workouts.  I felt I had good energy during all intervals and the CTBs felt good.  Good effort today.

PM Training:
10min Z1 Row
10min Skills (KB Squat Snatches, Handstand Walks, Muscle Ups, Pistols)
10min Z1 Run
10min Flow Work (hips, shoulders, ankles)
10min Airdyne (on the minute attempted some triple unders)

Notes:  Felt pretty good during the afternoon session, and I definitely wanted to play around with some new stuff.  I did handstand walks with some obstacles and also hit some consecutive triple unders, which is a first for me.  Good sweat in a late Sunday afternoon.

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