Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Training: 2/21/2012

A. 50 HSPU for time
B. 10min Muscle Up Practice
C. COVP Pullups: 4x15; rest as short as possible

Notes: Didn't have a lot of time before the workout so I hit the Ido Scap Routine a couple times, did some handstand walks, then hit the 50 HSPU.  I was about 20 seconds slower than last time.  I chalk that up to fatigued shoulders and maybe even having my sneakers on causing more friction against the wall (from now on I will practice with shoes on).  As for muscle ups, I wanted to focus on smooth transitions, and stinging together solid reps with as little effort as possible.  COVP felt good, top of shoulders were a bit tight.  Practiced on the gym's "slippery" bars.

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