Monday, February 20, 2012

Training: 2/20/2012

A. Snatch + OHS: 5x1+2; rest 5min (165,175,185,195,207(m))
B. Back Squat: 3x3 @ 80% Effort; rest 3min (275lbs.)
C. Prowler Push: 4x30sec; rest 3min (180lbs. x 40m)

Notes: Felt good today.  Had a solid night's sleep.  Hit a little bit of mobility and then a quick warm-up and got to snatching.  My thought today was to extend up as my hips came through.  I was definitely not jumping back like I always do, but I think my shoulders are still a bit fatigued from the 100 TGU on Saturday, so the catch was a little unsteady.  I built up to 195 with no misses and then failed at 207.  I was under 207 but couldn't lock it out.  Rather than temp the fates, I moved to back squat.  

This is the first time I have loaded on some weight since talking to Kelly Starrett.  Since I am in a chronically overextended position, he advised me to squeeze my but and keep the ribcage down my tensing the abs.  This puts my back in a much better position under loading.  Squat felt good, even without the belt. 

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