Saturday, February 18, 2012

Training: 2/18/2012

800m Run
50 TGU (53lbs.)
800m Run
50 TGU (53lbs.)
Total Time: 32:30
800m #1: 2:38
50TGU: 13:00
800 #2: 2:38
50TGU: 9:58

Notes: Slept a little over 9 hours last night and woke up with pretty good energy.  Had a large breakfast consisting of eggs, veggies, nova, sweet potatoes, a small bowl of mixed fruit, and some tea.  Warmed up for the run with a 400m jog and then my basic run warmup.  First run felt good and I was able to hold the speed for the entire lap.  Recovered pretty quickly from the effort.  50 TGU were done in sets of 5, alternating sides.  I found that as long as I forced the breathing during the reps, it took a lot less out of me.  After the last rep, I threw my watch back on and hit the next run.  The front half was faster than the second half, but I think the second third was a bit slower.  Hit the same time, but this one hurt a little bit.  I was recovered in about a minute and then back to TGUs.  

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