Friday, February 17, 2012

Training: 2/17/2012

A1. Press: 1,4,1,4; rest 2:30 (185,165(4),195,175(4))
A2. Wtd. Pullup, 1,4,1,4; rest 2:30 (use single to potentiate set of 4) (66,51(4),76,58.5(4))
B. 20 Muscle Ups (skill work)(5,5,5,7,3)
C. Tabata Situps (17,15,14,13,14,11,11,10)-Hands on temples, feet anchored, no abmat

Notes: I had a phone consultation with Kelly Starrett yesterday and we talked about my lower back problems and my ankle problems.  I will go into an in depth piece this topic on Sunday, but essentially, the pain in my lower back stems from faulty motor patterns, not necessarily things be tight or weak.  What do I need to do?  Turn my butt on when I am Crossfitting. CHECK!

Press felt good, no issues here.  195 went up pretty easy, and I hit 175 for a tough 4.  Pullups felt good as well, and overall I had really good energy today.  Tinkered around with the muscles ups, trying different kips and grips.  Need to get comfortable with these and be able to string together sets with little effort.  

Tabata situps were brutal.  Just a severe contraction for 4 minutes.  All situps legit.

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