Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Training: 2/14/2012

All at high pace w/o redlining:

Box Jumps (24")
HR Pushups
Time: 2:05
600m Jog @ recovery
3 Rounds:
15 Burpees
50 Double Unders
Time: 3:54
750m Row @ Recovery
GHD Situps
Back Extensions
Time: 4:25

Notes: I woke up this morning feeling really good.  Got a good night's sleep and a good breakfast.  Unfortunately, I was not able to hit this workout until after my evening classes (8pm).  My legs are absolutely smoked from yesterday in my quads and high hamstring/adductors.  Hit a 5min row and a little dynamic warm-up and got to work.  First workout wasn't too bad.  The box jumps were relatively smooth, and I was able to cruise through the pushups with only minimal burning.  

The next workout was okay as well. I really couldn't hit the burpees as fast as I would like to with the way my body feels, but I was very pleased with the unbroken double unders on all three sets.  I recently purchased an RX Jump Rope and I really like the feel of the handles.  I got the length I was supposed to with the lightest rope and I really didn't like it.  I tried my buddy's rope which is 2 inches shorter and one level heavier and it is MONEY!

Last workout I did as fast as I could but again, the legs were just cooked.  My quads burned bad!

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