Monday, February 13, 2012

Training: 2/13/2012

A. Build to Heavy Back Squat (315lbs.)
B. Back Squat: 6min AMRAP w/ 90% of A (20reps w/ 285lbs.)
C. 50 HSPU for Time (3:44)

Notes: Finally got a good night's sleep.  My sleep schedule was thrown off the past few days and I was reeling from it.  Hit the workout after my noon class, having an americano approximately 30 minutes prior.  Had very good energy and aside from my lats being sore from Saturday's pullups, I felt very good.  Hit 315lbs and then jumped to 335lbs.  and missed.  Oh well, really haven't been back squatting at all as of late, so can't really expect any PRs.  

Tried to hit 2 back squats every 30sec, but missed 2 sets.  Tough but doable.  It's weird doing heavy weight like this, the uncertainty of whether or not you can actually do the reps is something I have to master.  I need to be sure of when I can pick the weight up and not miss.  After I finished my legs instantly started to cramp up.  Not the burning/seizing you get from high rep stuff, this was maximum contraction, on the brink of pulling something cramping; especially in the high hamstring/adductor and the quad.

HSPU felt good.  I used 2x45lb. comp plates and an abmat so that I wouldn't bruise my head again.  Did 15 off the bat, then 8, 5,5,5,4,4,4.  Didn't miss any reps and did some kipping just to get used to it.  Also focused on keeping my legs close together because it is something I got no repped on during regionals last year.  All in all felt good today.

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