Thursday, February 2, 2012

Training: 2/1/2012

10 min aerobic work @85%:
10 Box Jumps 24"
15 Double Unders
Row 200m
Rounds: 6+10+5
--3 min rest when done
10 min aerobic work @85%:
10 Burpees
15 SDHP 75lbs
Airdyne 20 cals
Rounds: 4+6
--3 min rest when done
10 min aerobic work @85%:
5/5 Turkish Get-Ups  53#
5 - 10m Shuttle Runs
Rounds: 3 + 4

Notes: I am writing this Thursday morning.  I am a bit tired, my right high quad feels like a constant cramp from the L-sits earlier in the week.  My mind is a bit foggy, but all in all, I could go again today if I had to.  I am getting used to feeling not so fresh.  I guess this is how my body really does respond to the high aerobic power training.  I am alive though, I feel healthy, and I am pushing forward, that's all that matters.  I can't back off, I have to keep moving forward. 

Yesterday was pretty tough, but I was able to keep moving through all AMRAPs.  Better news, by back felt great yesterday after going to the chiro and getting some ART and manipulation.  First AMRAP I almost forgot how to jump on a 24" box.  I wasn't using the rebound through my calves on the first few sets which made them tough on the quads.  I guess I lost this move after the surgery, and I now I have to relearn and trust it.  Double unders were unbroken until my shoelace came untied.  Rows were at 1:42 pace.

Second AMRAP was brutal on the biceps with the SDHP.  Burpees were moderate speed but consistent.  Kept this one @ 85%. 

Last AMRAP was the worst because of the TGUs.  They take so much focus and concentration, and that was something I was definitely lacking yesterday.  I slugged through it however.

Day off today.  I plan on doing a little Z1 work and then mobility for roughly 45min.  Need to loosen up quads, back, and hit the bits and pieces. 


  1. Great blog. Question for ya, how has your weight changed since switching from CFE style training to training for the Games? How about your swimming, biking and running ability?

    I'm toying with the idea of training for the games, but ultimately I think I'll return to endurance sports, just concerned about having to gain too much weight and eff up my runnng.


  2. Good question. I started focusing on my quest for the games in September of 2010. My weight is now at 177 lbs. About 13-15 pounds more than when I was a triathlete.

    There is a saying, if you try to take too many paths, you end up going nowhere. In other words, training for the games and training for triathlon are in complete opposite sides of the spectrum and if you try for both, neither will be truly successful (trust me I have tried). I think the strength and skill components are highly overlooked in high level Crossfit athletes. Once you spend time on those things, your swim/run/biking will suffer.

    I do approve of Crossfit or Crossfit Style training in the offseason to promote performance in triathlon/endurance racing. I was coaching a competitive cyclist recently for about 2 months. He started his season and is kicking serious butt with the increases in leg oower he has (with little to minimal hypertrophy).

    Once you get back into endurance stuff, the weight comes right off (whether you like it or not). Hope this helps, and thanks for following!